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Tips for Traveling With Pets

by Blake 31. July 2017


A man’s bestfriend can become a complex problem while traveling.  Some pet owners settle for doggy day cares or pet sitter centers, but everyone else has trouble parting from their canine partners.  The most important tip is to ensure your pet is either wears a microchips for identification or a collar with a tag imprinted with their name, your name, and a phone number.

Traveling by plane with a pet is by far the most stressful.  You should try to avoid air travel unless your furry friend can fit under the seat, however, CME wants to provide some tips to keep your pet safe. 

1.     You should book a direct flight if possible.  This will avoid any additional risks of misplacement or mishandling. 

2.     Making an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian prior to your trip is vital to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and to obtain a health certificate within ten days of departure.  You can also inquire information on how to relax your pet in case they grow anxious or uncomfortable during the ride. 

3.     If traveling outside the United States, there may be additional requirements needed to take your pet on an airplane.

4.     You will also need to purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate.  The crate needs to be large enough for your pet to stand, sit, and move around comfortably.  It is also a good idea to tape a pouch of dried food outside the crate so airline personnel can feed your pet.  The crate also needs to be lined with some type of bedding- paper or towels- and freezing a tray of water is a good way to keep them hydrated without the spills.

5.     Your pet’s crate needs to have proper and clear identification.  It should be marked with the words “Live Animal” as well as your name, cell phone number, destination area, and a photo of your pet.  It is also a good idea to carry a photo of your pet.

6.     Tell every airline employee that you are traveling with a pet.  This will ensure that they are prepared to assist and pay attention to your pet in case of an emergency.

In return for love and comfort our pet’s give us, it is our job that traveling is a smooth and safe experience for them as it is for us.  CME wishes the best of travels and reminds you that we are here to assist for any assistance needed while traveling.


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