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Commercial Medical Escorts is highly experienced in international commercial stretcher service. This service is exceedingly complex and requires our expertise. When using commercial stretcher service, a commercial airliner is converted into an advanced air ambulance setting to provide comfort, ease, and medical care to the patient. Seats are removed from the aircraft (usually 6-8) to accommodate the stretcher to be installed in the aircraft. This service is currently not available on ANY US Carriers (Delta, American, US Airways, United, etc.).

Cost Effective Option

Commercial stretcher services provide the same level of care without the cost of air ambulance. Commercial airline stretcher service can save thousands of dollars compared to a private air ambulance and the patient receives expert medical attention.

Medical Team

If your international patient or loved one's condition warrants a commercial stretcher, Commercial Medical Escorts will ensure that all medical clearance requirements with the airline are met, as well as immigration and visa needs. Our medical department will obtain from the treating  doctor a complimentary medical report to determine if the patient can travel by commercial stretcher service. We will then staff the trip with a physician, nurse, or both, depending on the needs of the patient.

By using state-of-the-art technology and our medical team, we ensure that your patient receives the best quality medical care while on an international commercial stretcher flight. Commercial Medical Escorts works directly with many international airlines to ensure that an FAA approved stretcher is properly secured into the aircraft. Privacy and safety are always an issue, but rest assured that C.M.E. will provide your patient or loved one with that need.

Lufthansa Patient Transport Compartment (PTC)Stretcher Image

Lufthansa operates their newest intensive care unit, the Patient Transport Compartment (PTC), on a large variety of their flights into and out of Frankfurt. The PTC is one of a kind and has been in service since 1996. The PTC is onboard particular Lufthansa aircraft and is fitted with top-class medical equipment that resembles an intensive care unit. Click here to see detailed info about this service that CME can arrange for you.

Things to Be Aware Of:

  • CME works with specific commercial airlines to remove several rows of seats from the aircraft to accommodate the stretcher and all necessary medical equipment
  • Commercial stretcher service requires detailed medical clearance and coordination with the airlines and therefore it takes approximately 5 to 7 days to make all arrangements, although we have arranged airline stretcher service in as little as 48 hours.  This service is available on international flights. Unfortunately, at this time commercial stretcher service is not available on US domestic flights
  • Commercial Stretcher Service offers a significant cost savings over air ambulance. The longer the distance of the flight, the more cost savings are realized
  • Commercial Stretcher Service is accompanied by the appropriate medical staff ensuring that the patient has quality patient care and medical attention throughout the flight
  • Most importantly, we handle all of the logistics and arrangements so that you have a feeling of comfort and stress-free travel

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