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About Commercial Medical Escorts (CME)

Commercial Medical Escorts was founded in 2006 when Blake Yturralde, owner and president, discovered a need for a specialized company, focusing on airline medical transportation. Blake recognized a need for a special niche within aeromedical transport and saw an opportunity to provide better patient care and to increase efficiency while being most cost effective. CME is a privately owned company located in Boca Raton, Florida that is currently staffed with nurses and physicians across the country. CME is able to provide cost effective air medical transport because of its large network of nurses that it employs throughout the United States.

Commercial Medical Escorts, Inc. (CME) is fully capable of solving all of your medical escort and repatriation needs in a fast, courteous and dependable manner. CME has transported hundreds of patients.

As a cost effective alternative to air ambulance, we are a proven leader in this highly specialized field. Our medical director and operations manager are industry professionals who have years of aeromedical experience and extensive knowledge of the medical escort services field, including critical care air ambulance. Commercial Medical Escorts utilizes a network of caring professionals whose primary concern is patient care and comfort.

CME is a leader and innovator in commercial medical escort services. Our customers around the world have witnessed the advantages of selecting CME for their international and domestic patient transfers, and continue to contact us when there is a need. Our medical personnel build a relationship with each and every patient transported. Private patients, case managers, international travel assistance companies, physicians and facilities have embraced CME’s experience and vision for air medical transport services. We continue to bring on talented resources to further expand our breadth of services.

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