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Hospital Case Managers

Case ManagerCommercial Medical Escorts supports Hospital Case Managers and would be happy to assist you should you have a patient that needs medical transportation. We transport patients via ground, air, and rail depending on the needs and demographics of the patient. CME would gladly establish a medical travel partnership with your facility and can schedule a meeting at your convenience to outline the services we provide and how they can benefit your patients.

CME is a proud member of the Case Management Society of America. CME believes in the professional collaboration across the healthcare industry and understands that hospital case managers play a critical role in assisting patients find the necessary resources and support they may need.

We encourage you to share our contact information with your patients so that they are in contact with a reliable and dependable medical escort company. We will communicate and work very closely with the hospital case managers to see that your patient is safely delivered to their destination. From the moment of first contact, CME will develop a medical travel partnership with the hospital case manager and the process of arranging a medical escort will be seamless.

If you are interested in partnering with Commercial Medical Escorts, we encourage you to contact our office at to arrange an in-service presentation with our medical and operations team.

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