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Medical Travel Assistance

Commercial Medical Escorts values every client relationship. We comply with all individual medical travel assistance company requirements with respect to communication, patient care documentation and billing practices. We strive to accommodate all requests made by our clients, to satisfy their clients. Commercial Medical Escorts is a leader in aeromedical transportation and is always willing to share our expertise with new companies seeking our high quality of medical escort service. We look forward to new opportunities to build long lasting relationships with travel assistance and medical travel insurance companies. With a long term track record for success providing our services to insurance companies, we guarantee CME can deliver superior patient care, competitive prices, and quality of service that has made CME into the leader in aeromedical transportation.

CME’s medical escort program is used by a variety of travel assistance companies through the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our strong medical travel insurance partnership with a variety of assistance companies is based on the excellent customer service we provide, our top notch medical team, and our ability to staff medical transfers on short notice. CME’s medical travel insurance partnership is with many of the leading assistance companies and we are trusted as preferred providers.

Our strong network of nurses and physicians allows CME to be able to assist any individual around the world who may have medical travel insurance coverage with a travel assistance company. We have nurses and physicians located throughout the USA including Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Hawaii, Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Washington DC, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. Many of our physicians and nurses hold visa’s to a variety of countries including China, India, Brazil, and Russia to name a few. We do have several nurses with dual citizenship, which also extends our ability to enter a variety of countries that may require a US citizen to have a visa.

Our nurses and physicians exceed the industry standards. They are required to have 5 years critical care experience, ACLS, trauma course, PALS, flight medical certificate, and many are much more qualified. All of our staff is required to complete a variety of training within our continuing education program.

Whether you are looking for a preferred provider for your medical escorts or simply want to explore a new provider, we encourage you to give us that opportunity so that you may realize why so many travel assistance companies have developed a medical travel insurance partnership with CME. Services we provide for travel assistance companies include:

  • Cost Savings and Competitive Pricing
  • Reliable and dependable network of nurses
  • In-house travel agent
  • Professional liability insurance at $1,000,000/$3,000,000
  • Professionalism and live updates throughout each medical repatriation
  • Medical evaluation of medical report
  • In-house doctor and chief flight nurse available for medical advise
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators and Airline Medical Clearance
  • Outstanding Geographical Coverage of nurses and physicians
  • Thorough detailed medical documentation on each medical repatriation
  • We measure our performance and document results
  • CME has an annually reviewed and updated operational policies and procedures manual

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