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Customer and Client Testimonials

Take an opportunity to read through a variety of testimonials and letters that have been received from clients after they received a medical escort. This will provide insight and understanding of the experience you will encounter when choosing CME for your medical escort provider.

Hi Blake,
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work for this repat, especially on the last day when he was traveling. Thank you for your persistence with British Airways and helping to clear up the medical clearance issue with the UK office.

Thanks again. It was much appreciated on a really busy day for me in the office!!

Stephanie McNeil, RN

Dear Mr. Yturralde:

I am the one that your company and Nathan Hughes brought to Phoenix from Jamaica last weekend. I would like to commend CME on being a very organized and professional company. Without someone like you it would have been very difficult for my family and me.

I would especially like thank you for having Nathan Hughes work for CME. He is an excellent employee and representative for your company. He was very professional and put my family and me at ease for our trip back to the US. He made me feel confident that he would get me to the Hospital in Phoenix.
I am home now and doing well.

Thank you again for the professionalism of your company.

Robert (Bob) Atkins

Hi. My name is Anthony "Tony" Lee McBride and I recently had the pleasure of being escorted from Israel to Portland Oregon accompanied by a doctor from Commercial Medical Escorts. I suffered three broken ribs that resulted in complications leading to flying home with a chest drain tube in place.
The doctor was 100% attentive to my condition. His perceptive skills are the best that I have ever seen. If I even flinched or breathed funny, he was immediately checking to see if I was ok or if I needed anything. I was in very competent hands the entire trip.

In addition to being an outstanding emergency medical doctor, the doctor has outstanding people skills. He was extremely good at engaging in conversation that made me feel safe and lowered my anxiety level.

The doctor also connected with my wife, Suzanne and her friend, Ann and put them as ease as well when we arrived in Portland.

On a scale of one to ten with ten being the best, the doctor gets a ten!

Best Regards,

Hi Chad:
Just a note to say a Huge "Thank You for your wonderful assistance to Wynn and I on our trip back from Barbados to Winnipeg. The service was impeccable, and only surpassed by your great personality. We actually enjoyed our trip back, only because of you. We have followed up with our
Dr. here in Winnipeg, and Wynn seems to be progressing nicely.
It was a pleasure to meet you, and good luck to you and wife in your future plans. Rock on!!!

Marie and Wynn

This was a happy day in Scotland, Urquhart Castle behind us on the water next to Loch Ness. Legend says this medieval castle on the water is where there were many sightings of "Nessie". I told our 8-year-old grandson that I never saw any monsters. Finally got my few picture out of the camera after 2 weeks. I am progressing more every day. Have seen both my doctors. Orthopedic surgeon x-rayed and said it was all called right and that I was in a good place and this will just take some time which was very relieving. I feel a little better every day. You have probably been on countless trips since delivering me home on the 5th. Again, thank you for everything. Jerry and I cannot say enough wonderful things about you.

Fondly, Marianne


Hope you have a lovely birthday wherever you are. I want to thank you very much for all your help, wisdom and guidance in getting me home from Las Vegas on Sat. Oct, 29th. I could not have done it with Delta and I could not have done it without you. We were both very lucky to have you with us. I'm sorry I did not get to take you to breakfast and to the airport. I wanted to thank you personally for all that you did.

I was able to get some friends to take me to Det. airport to get my car on Sun. All turned out well. Hope you made your flights and connections to get home to Fla.

Again, wishing you a happy birthday and good wishes for many more wonderful years. Thank you David. God made many angels and I was able to meet one, David Hogan.


On January 21, 2012, l was injured while on vacation in Verona, Italy. Debbie Perdomo was our flight nurse on our trip from Verona to New York on January 25. I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased my wife and I were with her services. From the moment she arrived, Debbie radiated confidence and assurance. She took charge of the situation as soon as she arrived at the hospital, assuring my timely and smooth transition from the hospital to the airport and during a flight connection on the way home. She was a pleasure to travel with. Although the trip was for the most part uneventful, Debbie took all appropriate precautions, was attentive to my needs, and was on top of the situation every step of the way.
We were lucky to have her with us, and so are you.

Very Truly Yours,
Portis Hicks


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