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Medical Transport Company

Choosing a medical transport company to bring your family member or client home is the right decision. Medical repatriation can be very overwhelming to an individual, a family member making the arrangements, or even a case manager at a hospital. This is why you choose a medical transport company, more importantly; this is why you should contact Commercial Medical Escorts.

CME is a medical transport company that provides medical repatriation for clients each and every day to all different parts of the world. We relieve the burden off the patient and family member and take care of all of the arrangements. If you try to make all the arrangements yourself you will experience challenges and difficulties, but when you contact CME, our experienced and long lasting relationships with the airlines, hospitals, trains, and ground transportation, will bring unparalleled service and comfort to you and your family.

Medical Clearance and Medical Equipment

As a medical escort company we have our nurses and doctors equipped with the necessary medical equipment to complete each medical escort assignment. We have clearance with TSA to carry special medical supplies need to address each patient.

If the patient requires oxygen for the flight, the flight coordinator will arrange that need with the airline during the ticketing process OR provide the medical personnel with an InogenOne or Respironic EverGo, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) that is allowed on commercial aircrafts. Both of these POC’s require medical clearance through the airline, and CME will handle this.

Some airlines will only work with established medical escort companies to approve commercial airline clearance, especially those requiring a stretcher. CME has developed relationships and is able to make the arrangements very smoothly.

In House Travel Agent

As we are well aware, disruptions often happen when traveling by commercial air. By having an in-house travel agent, our medical transport company is able to make changes and anticipate any of those disruptions and act accordingly. We monitor each and every flight that our nurses are flying on, all transport flights, and even those transports that go by train. We always look for the best itinerary for the patient while being cost effective.

Arranging Hospital/Rehabilitation/Nursing Home Admission

Many patients express their concern in regards to experiencing difficulties in securing hospital, rehabilitation, nursing home admission or even an accepting physician. CME’s strong network throughout the country and experience in the health care industry with proven success can assist you in acquiring admission even in some of the most remote facilities around the world. Today’s large urban health care facilities can be confusing and somewhat frightening for someone not familiar with how they work and that is why you let CME, the medical transport company assist you with this.

Upon requesting a quote,CME will inquire where the patient is going and if assistance is needed in arranging facility admission, CME can provide further support to the family or assistance company.

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