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Thank You from Commercial Medical Escorts

by Lux Joseph 29. November 2013

 “Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Within any organization they are a variety of people and companies you work with. These people and companies are what make up your organization. Commercial Medical Escorts is privileged to be working with some of the best providers, clients, employees and medical escorts. Each and every patient that is transported around the world requires the assistance and team work of each of our departments. With any of these missing links the transports would not proceed smoothly. From the moment a request is sent to our headquarters, creating a quotation, staffing the transport, booking the flights and ground transportation, transporting the patient, delivering the patient, completing the follow up paperwork, and invoicing it requires a team effort and CME is thankful to have each and every one of you to assist with this.

Teamwork is the process of working with many individuals across the organization to achieve a common goal. Through collaboration and team work CME is able to achieve its goals on a daily basis. Our teamwork is built on a principle of clear communication, feedback, and dedication to our mission statement. This helps push CME forward each and every day. Each provider, medical escort, client, and employee that works with CME has diverse skills and talents that are valuable to our company. As we work together to achieve results, we recognize the commitment of each link within our team and appreciate the efforts that each of them bring to Commercial Medical Escorts.

 Commercial Medical Escorts is lucky to have a strong team of medical escorts, employees, clients, and providers. Since CME was founded, we have relied on the talents and skills of each of these areas to move CME forward to success. We trust in our medical escorts when they are transporting a patient to make the best decisions for the safety of the patient. CME believes in empowering our medical escorts when they are working, and that empowerment is what has enabled CME to grow and be successful within our industry.

We simply cannot express how thankful we are to work alongside with some of the most amazing clients, medical escorts, and companies this world has to offer. This industry is often hectic and unforgiving, but you guys make every minute of it an enjoyable and unique experience. We could not do what we do without each and every one of you. Thank you all of for your hard work and dedication! We hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! -You friends at CME

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Tips

by Lux Joseph 22. November 2013

One of the busiest travel times of the year is just around the corner. Typically when there is a high volume of travelers it tends to be a direct correlation to how busy Commercial Medical Escorts is. When individuals are traveling, that is when our service is needed most. While for many Thanksgiving is a holiday and time away from the office, CME is still open and ready to assist those travelers in need of our service. CME is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. There isn’t a moment when our operations team cannot be reached to further assist you.

A couple weeks ago I discussed the history of travel during Thanksgiving and the positive trends in air travel as reported by ARC. However, AAA is showing something a little different. AAA reports that 43.4 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a decrease of 1.5 percent from the 44 million people who traveled last year. AAA believes that this decline is due to a slow recovering economy. Although our economy is currently not in a recession, it is slowly recovering from the recession that we experienced in 2008-2009. With a slowly recovering economy consumers have uncertainty of what is going to happen and therefore are cautious with their spending. For those traveling by car, it appears as those the gas prices have had a slight decline in the last couple of months with the average price in Florida at $3.34 gallon.

Although AAA is report a decline travel, that doesn’t mean the roads and airports will not be busy so we encourage you to follow the following holiday travel tips:

·         Arrive Early- TSA can get backed up during heavy travel times, but especially during the holidays. Arriving early at the airport will ensure you have plenty of time to check-in, clear security and relax prior to your flight. Wednesday is the busiest day for travel and you should anticipate long lines. If you are not checking any luggage, check in on your mobile device or online and print your boarding pass. Skipping the check-in counter will save you time.

·         Be Flexible- traveling during the holidays can be hectic and bring unforeseen changes to your travel schedule. Your flight may be affected by a snowstorm or weather from a different area that will affect your flight. Understand that this is to be expected and know that the agent at the counter is not responsible for this so be patient and respectful. If you used a travel agent for your booking, contact them immediately when there is a change in schedule or canceled flight. They can hold you on the next flight.

·         Pack Accordingly- keep in mind that almost every airline is now charging to check your bags to your final destination. This doesn’t mean over pack your carry on luggage so that it is so big it cannot fit in the overhead space and you upset a long line of customers waiting to board. When it isn’t busy you may be able to get all the way to the gate with oversized carry on bags before they are identified, but during the holidays TSA will be stepping up enforcement to assist the airlines

·         Avoid Driving to the Airport- an increased number of travelers will be going to the airport during the holidays and that means airport parking will be very limited. If you do drive, you may be forced to pay holiday parking prices, limited to only off-site parking lots if the regular lots are filled, and this may cause unnecessary stress. Consider asking a friend or family member to drive you, use a private car service, or even look into public transportation. 

·         Do Not Wrap Gifts- if you are traveling with gifts, do not waste your time wrapping them. If TSA doesn’t like what they see in the scanner, they will unwrap it. It would be best to send them by mail via USPS, FedEx or UPS, but if that isn’t an option TSA suggests waiting until your final destination to wrap them.

·         Remaining Calm- many of our previous blog entries have discussed the anxiety and stress that comes along with traveling. It is important to bring things with you that may eliminate those feelings. If music relaxes you, make sure to bring your iPod and headphones. If reading calms you, bring your book to read in the terminal. Consider getting some earplugs so you can zone out the distractions around you.


At Commercial Medical Escorts, traveling is a part of our every day lives. Each travel season, AAA will provide a forecast of what to expect. This forecast is a good insight to the travel season and what can be expected. Highlights from this report include:

·         Thanksgiving travelers to total 43.4 million, a decrease of 1.5 percent from the 44 million who traveled last year

·         Ninety percent of travelers or 38.9 million to travel by automobile, a decline of 1.6 percent

·         Median spending expected to drop nearly seven percent to $465, compared to $498 last year.

·         The Thanksgiving holiday is a less expensive holiday for travelers compared to other holidays. This year Labor Day spending was expected to be $804, Independence Day $749 and Memorial Day $659.

·         Holiday air travel to decline 3.7 percent to 3.14 million travelers from 3.26 million in 2012

·         Average distance traveled to increase to 601 miles from 588 miles.

·         The Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the busiest single day of travel with 37 percent of travelers departing for trips Nov. 27.


To read the full report visit  or click on this link:

An SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate

by Lux Joseph 15. November 2013

Traveling with a disability is not the easiest. Depending on where you are traveling to, there may or may not be accessible hotel rooms, vehicles, or access points to meet your needs. It is important to research this information in advance prior to travel so that you can plan ahead and ensure you have the necessary resources to make your travel plans most comfortable. At Commercial Medical Escorts, our travel department has a local travel professional that is an SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. This is a huge resource to CME so that we can ensure the accommodations and arrangements made for passengers returning home best fit the needs of the patient.

Our travel department received certification from Special Needs Group, Inc. (, a global provider of special needs equipment for the travel industry, to specialize in special needs/accessible travel. To earn the distinction, they participated in Special Needs Group’s in-depth online 3 module certification program.

Through the program, agents gain an understanding of the special needs/accessible travel market. They learn about the best equipment to rent for special needs travel, ways to market special needs/accessible travel, and more.

Nationwide, one in seven persons has some form of disability, and one in five families is touched. By specializing in special needs/accessible travel, last name has the ability to help this large percentage of the population travel in an enjoyable, safe and efficient manner.

At Commercial Medical Escorts understanding our population is very important. By understanding the needs of each of our patients we are better able to make decisions and transport arrangements that meet their needs. As new flight configurations develop, our travel department is keeping us updated so that we only deliver the best routing available for our patients.

“Through Special Needs’ courses, I not only learned how to assist individuals with special needs to enjoy travel, but I found some very valuable new ways to serve the needs of all of my clients,” said McNamara. “The population, as well as the travel industry itself, has undergone major changes in the past few years. By completing this program, I have the ability to stay on the cutting edge of these changes, and create opportunities for my clients.”

About Special Needs Group, Inc.

Special Needs Group, Inc. is the leading global provider of wheelchair rentals, scooter rentals, oxygen rentals and other special needs equipment rentals. It also offers a broad range of special needs equipment for purchase. Recommended by the world's major cruise lines for superior service and value, Special Needs Group also services guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks and convention centers.

Special Needs Group is the industry's only total special needs travel solution. It is located at 302 NW 1st Street, Dania Beach, FL 33004. For more information, visit or call 1-800-513-4515.

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