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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 still Looking for Answers

by Lux Joseph 28. March 2014

The statistics are that 1 in 1.2 million airplane flights involve an accident. Note that not all accidents are fatal. There is a 1 in 11 million chance that you will be killed in an airplane crash. However, 1 in 5,000 people die in a car crash. It appears as if the chances of losing your life when flying commercially are less likely than the chances of an individual dying in a car crash on their way to work. Nonetheless we still get in our car every morning and drive to work. For some reason the thought of a plane crash affects our nervous system much more than a car crash and especially after the recent news of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, more passengers are uneasy with traveling by commercial airline.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to remain missing. Recent search efforts have been able to narrow its possible disappearance to the Indian Ocean, but the search for wreckage and the black box continues. Not a single piece of wreckage has been identified. The search area recently changed according to Australian government to a new area that is approximately 1,150 miles west of Perth. The search zone that they have been searching for over a week now was 1,550 miles southwest of Perth, but has been unsuccessful.  The shift in area is based on additional analysis that show the aircraft was most likely traveling at higher speeds and therefore would not have been able to cover as much distance as original proposed. Even three weeks after the flight has going missing, the search has a long way to go. Not even a small amount of debris has been detected to generate a lead in the right direction. Obviously, updated information such as the search area is a step forward, but for many observers it appears we are still a long way from finding closure.

With the new search area, 10 aircraft and 6 ships have been deployed and back to square one, and the time allotted on the black box pingers is slowly fading away. Black boxes have been in place on airplanes since the late 1950s. Each commercial airline has two of them in place: a flight data recorder and a voice recorder. Even though they are orange in color, making them easy to spot in water, the device only has enough battery power to transmit a signal for 30 days. Therefore as we enter into early April, time is running out. The estimated crash date was March 8 so we are looking at April 7 as the date in which they would expire.

As the search continues, the cost of the finding the missing Malaysia Airlines Plane increases and at this point government funds are being used. Prior to this incident, Malaysia Airlines was struggling financially and it may even require the government to step in to save the company. In 2011 when the Air France flight 447 went down, the search efforts cost ½ million dollars per day. Finding wreckage is just the beginning phases of an incident like this. If the wreckage is found, additional resources and funds will need to be employed for investigating and dissecting the wreckage to find more answers to the many questions that are lingering amongst the public and government officials.

The news and media have made numerous speculations regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it is important to look at the facts. As with any major incident that occurs it is important that a plan is in place of how to respond to the situation in an orderly fashion to ensure accurate information is provided. They are been many reports in regards to the way in which the family members of the passengers on MH 370 were communicated with in regards to the incident. Communication with next of kin is critical in an incident like this one. Treating them with respect and dignity is the relationship that needs to be made with family members. On February 24, 2014 the U.S. Department of Transportation fined Asiana Airlines $500,000 for failing to comply with the Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act of 1997. It is important for any company to follow and abide by all local, state, and federal laws. At Commercial Medical Escorts we have a plan in place should an incident like this occur during any of our medical transports.

Meet Angela

by Lux Joseph 21. March 2014

Commercial Medical Escorts does a large number of medical transport in/out of New York. We are fortunate to have two nurses based in New York who provide excellent patient care during medical transports. We introduced Amanda to you in a previous blog and today we are letting you get to know her colleague Angela. Angela has been with CME for several years now and is a great contributor to the CME team.


What is the most enjoyable part of this job?

The best part of this job for me is always the patient. I enjoy each individual personality as well as the diversity of diagnoses. I also find interacting with medical systems around the world to be intriguing.


Where did you gain your experience and knowledge in the field of nursing?

I gained my experience in nursing working in the coronary care and intensive care unit in Greenville, SC and Baltimore, MD. I also worked in a cardiac catheterization/electrophysiology lab in Rochester, NY.


What has been your most interesting transport?

My most interesting transport was when I returned a patient from Nairobi, Kenya via stretcher through Dubai to Dulles with ambulance transport to Wilmington, NC. The opportunity to transport a stretcher patient aboard a commercial aircraft followed by a 7-hour ambulance ride provided interaction with multiple medical communities during the transport.  Seeing so many people of different ethnicities working together for the good of my patient was a remarkable experience.



What areas of expertise do you have experience in?

My experience is in cardiac and intensive care nursing.



When you are not flying what do you do?

When I am not flying, I am an educator, an advocate for seniors, a busy mom and avid squash player.

What would you tell future clients of CME?

I would tell future clients that CME’s attention to detail and commitment to a smooth transport is outstanding.

Please describe a difficult trip and the outcome of it?

My most difficult trip was during the Air France strike in 2013.  A one-day delay in our flight out of Lisbon lengthened my patient’s hospital stay. A three-hour delay on the tarmac caused another setback when we missed our connection in Amsterdam. Advocating for my patient at the ticket counter finally yielded us a flight across the ocean, but added an extra stop in Canada. After 20 hours of travel, we finally boarded what we thought was our final flight. We pushed back and felt like cheering. Suddenly, we noticed we were returning to the gate. Next we disembarked due to mechanical issues. At this point, my exhausted patient could barely function, and we were delayed for yet another night in Montreal. The many obstacles of this trip required monitoring not only the physical state of my patient, but also created the opportunity to provide mental and emotional support to my patient and traveling companions.


On your medical transport with a CME nurse, we ensure that safety and patient care is our number one priority. We will never compromise a patient’s safety or care to complete a transport at lower cost. We always look for the most direct route to bring a patient back home. Angela is a great member of our team and we thank her for taking the time to allow the community to know more about her.




Fastport Passport Now in Delray Beach

by Lux Joseph 14. March 2014

At Commercial Medical Escorts it is vital that we have clinicians on staff that are able to travel around the world at any given moment in time. Each and every week our operations team is presented with different cases in which we need to transport a patient safely back home. Although we are a US based company, we do many transports throughout the world that never touch US soil. For example, we transported a patient from Dubai to London, UK and recently moved a patient from South America to Paris, FR. Every day brings exciting new challenges and every year we encounter destinations we have never been before.  As a US Citizen, traveling on a moment’s notice to India, China, Russia, and Liberia would be simple if you didn’t need a visa. However, as we are all aware, entry requirements for countries are continuously changing including the processing times in which a visa can be required. These countries are just a selection of those countries that require US Citizens to have a visa.

At CME, we never know where our next request is going to send our medical escorts. We make every attempt to ensure we have medical escorts on staff with visas to a variety of countries at any given point of time. Even when our team anticipates the travel needs of our clients, there is always a request that may require us to acquire a visa for the medical escort within a moments notice. For these cases it is important to have a visa-processing center that is able to fulfill your request. A visa-processing center that is able to expedite a visa is beneficial for those last minute travel plans. Fastport Passport just recently opened a new location in Delray Beach that will be able to assist us with these types of services.

Fastport Passport is a Third Party emergency visa and passport expediting service registered with the US Department of State. They have been operating for over 10 years with a 99.9% success rate, securing over 100 passports per day. They serve clients across all 50 states that are traveling internationally within 14 days or less.

This particular location accepts walk-in appointments between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. They have also made it convenient so that you can easily complete your application and order online. Having a visa-processing center that is readily available to assist you is critical. If you do not have one that is local, this requires you to FEDEX overnight your application package to their office. Getting that application finished, error free, and at FEDEX prior to that last pick up is not always easy. With this new location open that is just minutes away from our office, we hope that it increases our ability to assist our clients more efficiently.

Having a visa-processing center nearby is only one part of successfully acquiring a visa to enter a country. Applying for a visa is not a simple process. A small error like forgetting to check a box or not including a particular document request can delay your application. If you have been in the military before, and there is a question regarding whether or not you have had weapons training, the answer should be “yes” according to the Russian Embassy. Check your application twice before submitting. Have a friend or colleague review it with you to ensure everything has been answer. Most importantly, don’t forget to sign the application. They will not accept a fax or emailed revised application.

Not sure if the country you are traveling requires a visa for entry? Visit to find the latest up to date information on the country you are visiting. This website also includes current political information, safety tips, currency used in the country, and other key information for travel.

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