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Beijing to allow Visa-Free Travel

by Aleia 10. December 2012

Starting January 1st, 2013 Beijing will alow most foreign visitors to stay for 3 days without a visa.  Stipulations include that travelers must hold a ticket to another country leaving within the 3 day limit, travelers may not leave Beijing, and they must register with police within 24 hours of arrival in country.  This change in policy will greatly benefit Medical Travel allowing more transports to take place in China and allowing for more diverse routing when traveling through China to other countries.  At CME we are very excited about the opportunities this presents as we will not only be able to send more escorts to China but they will hopefully have more time during transports to experience the amazing and varied culture of the city. 

Our Facebook Page

by Aleia 21. November 2012

Commercial Medical Escorts’ new Facebook page is now live! The CME team encourages you to interact with the company via our social media outlets. Our office and medical personnel are passionate about what we do, follow us on Facebook to learn more about our team, and the many transports we do. We will keep you updated with company information, transport photos, links to our blog postings, along with information regarding the exciting industry we are in! Please take the time to like our Facebook page.

CME's 1000th Trip!

by Aleia 23. October 2012




Commercial Medical Escorts (CME) completed its 1,000th airline medical transport in September 2012! CME has been transporting patients worldwide since 2006, when the company was founded. We are very proud of our flight nurses, physicians, and 24/7 logistical staff. Our staff works daily to assure each medical escort is coordinated and executed as if we are transporting our own family members.  We have reached one thousand transports because of the hard work of our medical and logistical staff, and the trust CME’s clients have in the company.

Commercial Medical Escort’s 1000th transport took place transporting a patient from Nairobi, Kenya to Washington, DC via stretcher on Emirates Airline.   In honor of our 1,000th trip our blog will be highlighting one of the nurses involved and provide travel tips for anyone traveling to Nairobi.  


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