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Why CME?

by Lux Joseph 7. February 2014
People want to work with someone they know. At Commercial Medical Escorts you get to know whom you are working with. Every client is an individual to us and that is how we make you feel from the moment you being working with us. At CME, we are dedicated to our clients’ happiness. Commercial Medical Escorts sets itself apart from our competitors because we strive to deliver each client first-class attention in every aspect of a medical escort. Whether you are calling with a question about how to do it yourself or if you need a full medical escort package, the team at CME is going to give you the best of the best. At CME we have access to resources the client may not know about and because we offer a variety of options that brings value to the consumer.
Just recently CME assisted a family from Chicago, IL to Washington, DC on Wednesday. This medical escort was arranged weeks in advance and as Tuesday arrived we knew all odds were against us for the following day. Flights were beginning to be canceled, delayed, and snow was starting to accumulate in the Chicago area. Our Director of Operations sent the escorts some last minute updated documentation for the transport and received the following response “Ok thank you. Big snowstorm tomorrow in Chicago.”  Our fingers were crossed that our medical escort mission could be completed safely despite the obstacles being presented to us. At CME we strive to overcome and conquer obstacles while promoting safety and ensuring the patient is comfortable at all times.
Individuals that partner with Commercial Medical Escorts can be rest assured they are in the best hands possible when it comes to patient care and VIP service. Our escorts are trained to deliver impeccable service and that is done through individualized care, anticipating challenges before they occur, and make sure everything goes smoothly. Things happen that are out of our control including weather and airline delays or cancelations, but a medical escort that is well traveled, educated and anticipates the needs of the client is one that succeeds in our industry. This is exactly what was needed considering the Midwest storm was turning Chicago airport into chaos. Two of our nurses, one based in Chicago and one based in Greensboro, NC, did what they do best on Wednesday and social media confirms it:
We do a number of medical escorts each and every day. Some of them are completed for travel assistance companies or insurance companies, but a handful is also done for private families. Our Director of Operations stated in a recent conversation, “Bringing enrichment to a family by making a medical escort a seamless transfer is our goal with every transfer. When making arrangements for a private family, we get to know them and it is like transferring our own family back home.” The next time you are looking for a medical escort, please be sure to contact us. Like the family above recently stated, CME is here to take care of you are your family. When we are bringing you back home or to another facility, you are our family for the day. Thank you again Mr. Lampa for sharing the positive feedback on Twitter.

The Importance of Safety within our Industry

by Lux Joseph 14. January 2014

Safety is a top priority for Commercial Medical Escorts and we strive to deliver only the highest level of patient care and safety when bringing patients back home. No matter what industry you are involved in; safety plays a key role to the success of the business. The air medical transport industry monitors safety very closely as does the aviation industry. On a daily basis planes are delayed from taking off due to mechanical failures, equipment malfunction, or other safety related issues. The safety system that the airline industry has in place helps to prevent accidents and other safety related incidents.

This past year, 2013, has been said to be the safest for flying since 1945. Although some of these numbers may appear large to the average individual, they are shockingly low. This past year there were only 269 deaths and 29 accidents. According to the Aviation Safety Network the 10-year average is 32 accidents and 719 fatalities. As you can see, the numbers are significantly lower. Recently released their results on which airline is the safest carrier worldwide. Qantas, the Australian airline is at the top of the list for the safest carrier worldwide. Qantas has been around since the early 1900s. Qantas has a fatality free record since 1951 and continues to demonstrate its commitment to airline safety.  As a traveler there are many things that we do not see or may know that happens to ensure our safe journey to our final destination.

Airline maintenance professionals play a vital role in the preparation for airline takeoff. They are working hard to guarantee aircraft safety procedures are followed and reviewed on a continuous basis. There are a series of checks that need to take place prior to passengers even boarding the plane. In my recent travel experience to New York and Boston we were stuck sitting in the LaGuardia terminal for 3 hours after the initial departure time. The original delay was due to no crew available. Once the crew arrived, passengers quickly jumped to their feet expecting to board immediately. Unfortunately to their surprise we were not allowed to board at that time. The plane had been sitting on the tarmac all day and night during the recent storm and not ready for departure. The crew and maintenance professionals had to begin their series of checks. Prior to takeoff the following events take place:


                      Maintaining the Aircraft

                      Planning the Aircraft

                      Securing the Aircraft

                      Ground Operations

                     Passenger Screening

                      Crew Briefings

                      Preparations on the Flight Deck

                      Safety Checks


                      General Boarding

                      Closing the Cabin Door

                      Safety Briefing

                      Push Back and Taxiing



Each of these tasks is critical to safe operation. Qantas has proven their commitment to excellence in airline safety. Similar to the airline industry, Commercial Medical Escorts follows specific procedures to ensure patient safety during all of our transports.




Commercial Medical Escorts has a 100% Safety Record and this is achieved with equipment checklists, thorough pre-flight assessments, and a working environment that promotes safety first. Patient Safety Awareness week is March 2-8, 2014 and CME will be exploring ways to participate and promote this throughout our business practice. Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety led by NPSF (National Patient Safety Foundation). Commercial Medical Escorts may not receive a rating for safety like the airlines, but internally we have systems in place to ensure patient safety. Commercial Medical Escorts takes part in The Universal Patient Compact: Principles for Partnership provided by the National Patient Safety Foundation and pledge the following to you as our patient:

·         Include you as a member of the team

·         Treat you with respect, honesty and compassion

·         Always tell you the truth

·         Include your family or advocate when you would like us to

·         Hold ourselves to the highest quality and safety standards

·         Be responsive and timely with our care and information to you

·         Help you to set goals for your healthcare and treatment plans

·         Listen to you and answer your questions

·         Provide information to you in a way you can understand

·        Respect your right to your own medical information

·         Respect your privacy and the privacy of your medical information

·         Communicate openly about benefits and risks associated with commercial medical transport

·         Provide you with information to help you make informed decisions about your care and transport options

·         Work with you, and other partners who treat you, in the coordination of your care and transfer

When you fly with CME, you can rest assure that patient safety is our top priority and bringing you or your loved one home safely will always be our promise to you.


Medical Escort via Rail

by Lux Joseph 8. November 2013

Do you have a family member that needs to return home with a medical escort, but flying is not an option? Commercial Medical Escorts wants you to know that there are alternative ways in which we transport patients. A majority of our cases are patients who are transported home on a commercial airline, but each and every month we are faced with a case, in which the patient is unable to fly due to their diagnosis, maybe they have a fear of flying or potentially another obstacle. For these particular situations, CME is able to transport the patient back home by train, ambulance, bus, town car/limo, and even wheelchair vans.

CME will always explore each option available to ensure the best means of transportation has been selected for the patient to ensure quality patient care and comfort. You may have a patient that is 100% non-ambulatory that needs to go from Fort Lauderdale to New York. The patient needs to remain lying flat at all times. A flight is obviously not an option. An ambulance or limousine is a possibility, but you are looking at 20 hours of ground transport with a stop or two along the way to ensure quality rest of the drivers. Not to mention that the cost will be several thousand dollars. Why not consider Amtrak? A single train transport with no switching trains and generous accommodations can put you in New York in approximately 27 hours. The length of the transport may seem long, but your patient can be comfortably situated in an accessible bedroom for under $1,000.00 per ticket. Our clinician asked our patient that was recently transported by train what she thought of the experience and her reply was “This was easier and more comfortable than I ever would have expected. As a patient you have all kinds of concerns going through your mind, but having a smooth transfer and a clinician to provide the needed support, the process is effective and puts you at ease.”

CME’s travel department has a special working relationship with Amtrak and their special services desk. Whenever a patient is transport whether it is by plane or train, having a great relationship with the operator of the mode of transportation allows a smooth transition for the patient. Very similar to the airlines, Amtrak is able to provide wheelchair assistance, accessible cabin rooms, and other special services that are specific to the needs of the patients we transport. Those travelers that travel in a roomette or bedroom are served complimentary meals throughout the journey. This past week one of our clinicians transported a patient from Washington, DC back to Florida on Amtrak. The PT had an accessible bedroom and the clinician had a connection room adjacent to the patient. An accessible bedroom is large enough for standard wheelchair to fit without issues. All the amenities including the bathroom are designed to meet the needs of those travelers with disabilities.

Patient safety and comfort is our number one priority at Commercial Medical Escorts. Understanding the different resources and methods of transports available help us to better meet the needs of our patients. Amtrak could be the option for your patient and our medical team will determine if they qualify for rail transfer. Medical escort via rail can offer substantial cost savings and CME looks forward to assist you with making that happen.



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