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Meet Isabel

by Lux Joseph 27. July 2013


CME is privileged to have some of the best critical care nurses on our team to assist should an unfortunate circumstance arise in which you need a medical escort. Our nurses and physicians exceed the industry standards; they are required to have 5+ years critical care experience, ACLS, Trauma course, PALS, flight physiology, and many are much more qualified. Today we are introducing to you our nurse based out of Atlanta, GA. Isabel has been with CME for over five years and you will learn today why her patient’s love her. Below is Isabel’s perspective of flight nursing:

What is your most enjoyable part of this job?

The most enjoyable part of this job is meeting people from all over the world, to learn from their cultures, caring and assisting for their medical needs, and to provide genuine care and comfort for my patients’ sicknesses while abroad. This type of care, for me, is a totally different approach to nursing compared to that in a hospital setting.

Where did you gain your experience and knowledge in the field of nursing?

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but came to the United States and became a citizen in 1994. I am extremely proud to be an American citizen. I graduated from Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia. I have experience in Geriatrics, Psychiatric, Medical Surgical, Counseling Rehab, Spinal injuries, Wound Care, and Trauma. I have worked in a hospital ER setting for the past thirteen (13) years, and as a flight nurse for the last five (5) years.

What has been your most interesting transport? Why is that?

My most interesting transport was from Aruba to Vancouver, Canada. I assisted a client with an open wound to his groin which required a wound vac during the transport. Surgery was impossible at that particular time due to the wound placement. I had to use my wound care expertise and some improvisation, to provide a safe and comfortable, as well as private, environment to care for my patient on such a long trip. This client was a high risk for total amputation (castration) due to the severity of the wound. Luckily, the client arrived at his destination with no further problems thanks to the support and care he received from the CME team. After every transport I follow up with my patient to see how they are doing. This patient in particular had a complete recovery, and amputation was not necessary. I still talk to this client and his family periodically. 

Please describe a challenging trip and the outcome of it?

My most challenging trip to date was a transport from Italy to New York City. My client became very ill after landing. As I was transporting him in a wheelchair toward the passport checkpoint, his heart rate dropped significantly low, and he became breathless. I activated the call to 911 and asked for an AED, but no one came to assist immediately. I was able to manage getting him to the Immigration point, and successfully restored his breathing. At the same time, I was somehow able to calm his extremely panicked wife. The client survived the vasovagal episode. 

When assistance from my 911 call arrived to take him to the nearest ER, the patient totally refused their help. His comment to them was “I don’t need you now! When I was breathless and sick earlier you didn’t come to my rescue! Why do you think you are going to tell me what to do now?” The patient’s vital signs were stable and within normal limits. The patient was then safely transported by the CME team to his local emergency room, where his physician was waiting. I transferred care over to the doctor and ER team in stable condition.

When you are not flying what do you do?

When I am not working for CME, I am working full time in an ER at a local hospital. On my days off, I care for my 81-year old mother who lives with me. I also enjoy going to the gym, and spending quality time with my husband.

Before I became a nurse, I was already addicted to flying and traveling. I was a flight attendant for the Venezuelan Air Lines for a period of fourteen (14) years. Since I was four years old, there were two jobs that I dreamed of: being a nurse, and flying! CME has given me the opportunity to do both!

What would you tell future clients of CME?

CME is a well-organized company with a caring, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and experienced staff which strives to meet our clients’ needs on each and every transport. I am very proud to be part of the CME team. CME‘s goal is to provide the best care to our clients – and their families. 

I recommend to anyone who needs professional care needs in the future to choose CME for your travelling needs. You will surely have a SMILING FACE and PEACE OF MIND. 

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