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CME Welcomes Ingrid Beverly to the Team

by Lux Joseph 18. October 2013
At Commercial Medical Escorts we take pride in delivering only the highest level of patient care and customer service. This is done by having a strong clinical team as well as a strong operations team. Our headquarters in based in Boca Raton, FL and recently CME has welcomed a new employee to the team.  Building a strong team within the office is to ensure our clients receive only the best service.
Ingrid Beverly, originally from Freeport, Bahamas joins Commercial Medical Escorts with over 20 years of customer relations and management experience. Her background and experience in customer service represents the level that CME is looking for. Ingrid’s past experience consisted of helping lead families all over the world to financial freedom in addition to training and team building within the organization. She will join CME as the newest Logistics Coordinator. Director of Operations commented in saying, “Ingrid’s skill set and personality were exactly what CME was looking for. We look forward to her positive contributions to the business.”
Ingrid was looking for another opportunity in which she would be able to help families all over the world. Ingrid says that, “Being introduced to a business in which I will be able to help families with their medical needs will be rewarding.” CME’s medical and operations team look forward to helping families each and every day. Our nurses have stated that the expressions on the patient’s face when the nurse walks into the room are a sign a relief and joy. Everyone is passionate about helping others at CME and it is something we look for when selecting the right individuals to join our team.
Ingrid’s love of her life is two years old and a burst of energy. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and her son. She enjoys cooking up a good meal and also getting pampered when she can find the time. CME is pleased to have her on their team and look forward to the long relationship.

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