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Trends in Travel for 2014

by Lux Joseph 27. December 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we begin to look at 2014 and what is to be projected for Commercial Medical Escorts and the travel industry.  Understanding your customer is important to success as a business owner and especially a business that is focused around customer service. Our customer base changes each and every year. Many businesses categorize their customer base by demographics, but travel is more than just demographics.

Every traveler has preferences and those preferences differ among demographics, psychographics, and the current desires of the traveler. Most people have a bucket list of the things they want to accomplish during their lifetime. Within that bucket list people have a travel bucket list that is forever growing and developing. At Commercial Medical Escorts (CME) we are moving patients from different destinations around the world every week. As travelers add to their bucket list for travel, they add new possible opportunities for CME. Want to go to the Neptune Islands in Australia to cage dive with Great White Sharks? Or maybe you have zip lining in Costa Rica to check off? While we do not wish the worst to happen to people when they travel, we do know our service is desired during a time of need.

Travel Leaders Group agents, the division that our travel department is part of, state that 94% of their clients will spend the same or more on travel in 2014. In 2013 that percentage was 92.2% and in 2012 it was 91.3%. Seeing positive growth in the beginning of 2014 establishes a level of confidence among travel professionals. Even with the economy not being on a positive growth it is great to see the industry that CME works alongside with optimistic trends for 2014. The data is representative of 1,358 U.S. based travel agency owners, managers, and front line agents from the Travel Leaders brand.


People will always be traveling. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, people are always on the run. During times when our economy isn’t as strong we see trends towards slower growth or decline in business, but every time a business sees or projects a decline in revenue, it is an opportunity to explore different avenues for profit. Airlines took advantage of this with the additional perks they add to purchasing an airline ticket. Ancillary fees exist for checking your bags, priority boarding, changing your flights, special seat assignment, and even special snacks on board the airplane. In 2014, we wonder what additional fees or perks may be new to the business traveler.


From a global perspective, 2014 brings changes to the travel world as well. Sabre Travel Network states that China will overtake the US in total business travel spent in 2014. Russia is also working on making visa free travel to the EU. At the same time many countries are working on evaluating their entry programs to increase visitors and provide entry requirements that are not as strict. Some tips to consider when booking travel in 2014:

·         Mondays appear to be the most expensive day for air, hotel, and car bookings

·         Avoid travel consumption on Mondays, followed by Fridays

·         For cars, the cheapest day is Saturday

·         For hotels, the cheapest day is on Tuesdays


Look at 2014 as a fresh start. Become organized when making your travel arrangements. Think ahead and anticipate things before they happen. Commercial Medical Escorts looks forward to what 2014 will bring. These trends are only a projection as to what will happen. Safe travels around the New Year and should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to bring your loved one home for the holiday.

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