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Why CME?

by Lux Joseph 7. February 2014
People want to work with someone they know. At Commercial Medical Escorts you get to know whom you are working with. Every client is an individual to us and that is how we make you feel from the moment you being working with us. At CME, we are dedicated to our clients’ happiness. Commercial Medical Escorts sets itself apart from our competitors because we strive to deliver each client first-class attention in every aspect of a medical escort. Whether you are calling with a question about how to do it yourself or if you need a full medical escort package, the team at CME is going to give you the best of the best. At CME we have access to resources the client may not know about and because we offer a variety of options that brings value to the consumer.
Just recently CME assisted a family from Chicago, IL to Washington, DC on Wednesday. This medical escort was arranged weeks in advance and as Tuesday arrived we knew all odds were against us for the following day. Flights were beginning to be canceled, delayed, and snow was starting to accumulate in the Chicago area. Our Director of Operations sent the escorts some last minute updated documentation for the transport and received the following response “Ok thank you. Big snowstorm tomorrow in Chicago.”  Our fingers were crossed that our medical escort mission could be completed safely despite the obstacles being presented to us. At CME we strive to overcome and conquer obstacles while promoting safety and ensuring the patient is comfortable at all times.
Individuals that partner with Commercial Medical Escorts can be rest assured they are in the best hands possible when it comes to patient care and VIP service. Our escorts are trained to deliver impeccable service and that is done through individualized care, anticipating challenges before they occur, and make sure everything goes smoothly. Things happen that are out of our control including weather and airline delays or cancelations, but a medical escort that is well traveled, educated and anticipates the needs of the client is one that succeeds in our industry. This is exactly what was needed considering the Midwest storm was turning Chicago airport into chaos. Two of our nurses, one based in Chicago and one based in Greensboro, NC, did what they do best on Wednesday and social media confirms it:
We do a number of medical escorts each and every day. Some of them are completed for travel assistance companies or insurance companies, but a handful is also done for private families. Our Director of Operations stated in a recent conversation, “Bringing enrichment to a family by making a medical escort a seamless transfer is our goal with every transfer. When making arrangements for a private family, we get to know them and it is like transferring our own family back home.” The next time you are looking for a medical escort, please be sure to contact us. Like the family above recently stated, CME is here to take care of you are your family. When we are bringing you back home or to another facility, you are our family for the day. Thank you again Mr. Lampa for sharing the positive feedback on Twitter.

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