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Meet Angela

by Lux Joseph 21. March 2014

Commercial Medical Escorts does a large number of medical transport in/out of New York. We are fortunate to have two nurses based in New York who provide excellent patient care during medical transports. We introduced Amanda to you in a previous blog and today we are letting you get to know her colleague Angela. Angela has been with CME for several years now and is a great contributor to the CME team.


What is the most enjoyable part of this job?

The best part of this job for me is always the patient. I enjoy each individual personality as well as the diversity of diagnoses. I also find interacting with medical systems around the world to be intriguing.


Where did you gain your experience and knowledge in the field of nursing?

I gained my experience in nursing working in the coronary care and intensive care unit in Greenville, SC and Baltimore, MD. I also worked in a cardiac catheterization/electrophysiology lab in Rochester, NY.


What has been your most interesting transport?

My most interesting transport was when I returned a patient from Nairobi, Kenya via stretcher through Dubai to Dulles with ambulance transport to Wilmington, NC. The opportunity to transport a stretcher patient aboard a commercial aircraft followed by a 7-hour ambulance ride provided interaction with multiple medical communities during the transport.  Seeing so many people of different ethnicities working together for the good of my patient was a remarkable experience.



What areas of expertise do you have experience in?

My experience is in cardiac and intensive care nursing.



When you are not flying what do you do?

When I am not flying, I am an educator, an advocate for seniors, a busy mom and avid squash player.

What would you tell future clients of CME?

I would tell future clients that CME’s attention to detail and commitment to a smooth transport is outstanding.

Please describe a difficult trip and the outcome of it?

My most difficult trip was during the Air France strike in 2013.  A one-day delay in our flight out of Lisbon lengthened my patient’s hospital stay. A three-hour delay on the tarmac caused another setback when we missed our connection in Amsterdam. Advocating for my patient at the ticket counter finally yielded us a flight across the ocean, but added an extra stop in Canada. After 20 hours of travel, we finally boarded what we thought was our final flight. We pushed back and felt like cheering. Suddenly, we noticed we were returning to the gate. Next we disembarked due to mechanical issues. At this point, my exhausted patient could barely function, and we were delayed for yet another night in Montreal. The many obstacles of this trip required monitoring not only the physical state of my patient, but also created the opportunity to provide mental and emotional support to my patient and traveling companions.


On your medical transport with a CME nurse, we ensure that safety and patient care is our number one priority. We will never compromise a patient’s safety or care to complete a transport at lower cost. We always look for the most direct route to bring a patient back home. Angela is a great member of our team and we thank her for taking the time to allow the community to know more about her.




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