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CME's Outlook on Hospitality

by Lux Joseph 18. April 2014

Within every industry a company can choose to settle with the status quo, or they can seek to differentiate themselves and be a product of innovation and excellence. Some individuals may classify the medical repatriation field as its own unique industry, but you could also say that our industry is part of a larger vision called “hospitality”.  Hospitality is about being hospitable to your guests or clients. It is about creating that memorable experience, and that is what we aim to achieve at Commercial Medical Escorts. Most people would say that being brought home with a medical escort after an injury or falling ill when you were on your vacation is not an enjoyable memory they want to remember, but at Commercial Medical Escorts our nurses and physicians go above and beyond to make the journey back home safe and comfortable each step of the way. Our bedside to bedside service is designed to take the stress, anxiety, and potential overwhelming process of getting a loved one back home away from the patient or companion and in the hands of our professionally educated logistics coordinators who will put together a smooth transfer.

American Airlines is taking that same approach to their product and delivering excellence in hospitality to each of their travelers. American Airlines believes that they know how to be an airline, and that isn’t what they want to be anymore. They understand that they are part of the hospitality industry and each and every traveler is their guest. Just like each and every patient we transport home is our guest. American Airlines has taken their philosophy of hospitality and applied it to the new designs of their 777-200 planes. What was once the galley that you walked through to get to your seat is now being transformed into a lobby bar. American Airlines doesn’t believe you should be going to your seat like you did before, but now going to your individualized suite that includes a comfortable duvet, a seatback that reminds the traveler of a bed in a luxury hotel. This new look is part of AA/US Airways merger and it is focused on the hotel in the sky (

A design of a product or service is just one part of hospitality and it is important to understand that service and hospitality are not the same. Service is the efficient execution of a series of actions. At Commercial Medical Escorts we deliver a service each and every day. Our service is about efficiently doing what our clients expect. However, hospitality is about doing what is unexpected and personal to your guest in a given moment. American Airlines has implemented new designs and new levels of service, but ultimately their level of hospitality needs to stay in alignment with their service.

Commercial Medical Escorts delivers our product to many assistance companies, hospital case managers, private clients, and hospitals worldwide, but hospitality is not what we do, but how we make others feel. A patient that is transported by CME back home with a nurse escort may not be able to describe the hospitality, but they will know it from the moment the transfer begins. Hospitality will not be found in what our operations staff or medical escorts are doing, but it will be generated in the atmosphere. It is the relationship between the patient and our company. American Airlines hospitality is the relationship between the traveler and AA. The ultimate goal that CME, American Airlines, and other companies in hospitality are striving for is to ensure our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied.

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