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Vaccines While Traveling Abroad

by Blake 22. July 2017

Before traveling abroad, it is important to be aware of the vaccines that are necessary for your destination.  Vaccines act as a passport to safety and adventure around the world.  It is vital to protect yourself and your community by getting vaccinated before you travel.

            The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is very important for travelers.  Every year, unvaccinated travelers get measles and bring it back to the United States.  CDC Travel Health Site provides a guideline for the MMR vaccine:

·      For those who travel internationally, CDC recommends that all U.S. residents older than 6 months be protected from measles and receive MMR vaccine, if needed, prior to departure.   

·      Infants 6 through 11 months old should receive 1 dose of MMR vaccine before departure.

·      Children 12 months of age or older should have documentation of 2 doses of MMR vaccine (separated by at least 28 days).

·      Teenagers and adults without evidence of measles immunity should have documentation of 2 appropriately spaced doses of MMR vaccine.


Travel Tips for traveling to developing countries:

- Before traveling to countries in Africa or Central/South America it is vital to research whether the yellow fever vaccine is required.

- If traveling to Asia, Latin America, or Africa, travelers may need to get the typhoid vaccine.

-Whenever traveling to any rural or developing countries to ensure your safety research any possible vaccines that may be recommended.

-To avoid possible health dangers, only eat fully cooked food that is served hot (including fruits and vegetables, unless you can wash and clean them yourself).

- Only eat and drink pasteurized dairy products.

-Drink only beverages that are bottled with an unbroken seal (avoid putting ice in your drinks).

-Use insect repellent and make sure you sleep in an air conditioned or screened room to avoid any diseases that can be spread by insects.

-Avoid touching animals especially monkeys, dogs, and birds.



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