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Medical Travel Assistance

Medical Travel Assistance

As a true cost effective alternative to air ambulance, C.M.E. proudly makes available our comprehensive services for aero medical travel assistance. Our services are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each of our services is delivered with a commitment to excellence, quality patient care, and professionalism. Wherever you are in the world, CME will be right there with you.

Our medical travel assistance services include:

All of our medical travel assistance services are comprehensive and leave you, the patient or client, with no apprehensions or nervousness. Our goal is to provide the best healthcare possible for our patients. Our dedication to our patients can be seen through the compassionate care that comes from our nurses, flight coordinators, physicians, operations staff and other healthcare professionals who work together to care for you and your family. CME provides patient-focused, high quality and cost-effective services while promoting health and wellness.

Every day, our staff, physicians and nurses are dedicated to delivering superior service and medical travel assistance with a commitment to people, patient care, medical practice, growth and development. Through medical travel assistance, CME looks forward to continuing to meet the demands and challenges of our growing industry as we strive for excellence in medical travel assistance services.

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