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Air Ambulance Alternative

CME provides an air ambulance alternative. In most cases, your patient will not require a private jet air ambulance transport. Many patients within the United States and around the world are capable of flying via a commercial airline being accompanied by a physician or nurse medical escort. The patient’s physician and our medical team can assist in evaluating the patient and determining his or her needs. When selecting a commercial medical escort transfer via commercial airline it is a cost effective alternative to air ambulance and is the preferred method of bringing a patient home, providing they meet medical escort criteria and are not in need of critical care treatment.

An expensive private jet air ambulance is not necessary for all patients. It is important to recognize that the accommodations on an air ambulance differ significantly from a commercial airline:

Air Ambulance

  • There are two different types of air ambulances: fixed-wing or rotor-wing. A fixed-wing air ambulance is an airplane and a rotor-wing air ambulance is a helicopter.
  • Depending on the air ambulance type, most fixed wing air ambulance do not have bathrooms on board. You will need to use the lavatory prior to boarding the flight.
  • Can only travel short distances (4-6 hours usually) and need to stop to refuel
  • There is limited space available on the flight and usually only one or maybe two additional passengers can accompany the patient on an air ambulance flight
  • There is no entertainment or inflight amenities
  • Limited space for carry-on luggage (generally only one piece of carry-on luggage is permitted)
  • Often the private jets are faced to sit on the tarmac for long periods of time awaiting customs and immigration clearance

Medical Escort via Commercial Airlines- “Your Air Ambulance Alternative”

  • Luxury of first class or business class service
  • Full inflight amenities including full meals on most flights
  • Patient is able to get up and ambulate including the use of restrooms
  • Long international flights often offer lay flat seating in business class
  • Most destinations have direct flights or just one connection- during the connection you may relax in the business class lounge if available

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