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There are literally millions of air fares in effect at any one moment in time. Anyone who has traveled knows the feeling of comparing air fares with a fellow traveler only to find out that the other person's costs were considerably less than yours. Medical travel assistance requires even more research and dedication to booking travel, so let us do it for you. Our in-house medical travel agent ensures service trends are tracked and monitored to provide the best service to each of our patients while traveling. 

The travel assistance and medical escort industry many times requires complex flight itinerates. Having an in-house travel agent who understands the air medical transport process assures that every transport has been planned by an experienced travel team. Our in-house travel agent is experienced and knowledgeable about the process and looks only for the best itinerary for the patient. Understanding connection times, special service requests, and the services available at each airport is a specialized aptitude that benefits both CME and the patient.

All tickets are issued directly through the airlines. CME does not use Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, or any other third-party company. Working directly with the airline, we are able to secure the best fare and itinerary. CME will work within the constraints that you and your people have

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for any given trip.  Budget considerations, medical clearance and itinerary constraints are all taken into account. We research every option to enable you to make decisions based on expert knowledge.

Medical Clearance

When we receive a quote request for medical travel, our medical travel agent will begin researching all available air fares, not just the major carriers but the discount carriers as well. We aim to integrate all your travel requirements as well as the medical needs of each patient. Every carrier has their own medical guidelines and medical clearance process. Our medical travel agent is knowledgeable on each carrier’s medical clearance process and the assistance needs of medical patients while traveling by commercial air. Commercial Medical Escorts along with the in-house travel department have established relationships with many of the major airlines medical departments, allowing expedited medical clearances.

Existing Tickets

Our medical travel agent will work with your existing tickets to maximize the value of the ticket if one is still remaining. We will also look at alternative airlines because sometimes the airline your hold existing tickets with does not have the best routing, availability, or can be more expensive after making changes.  When using an existing ticket make sure that you have a copy of the record locator or ticket number.

Flight Monitoring

All flights, including the transport flight and the flight our medical team takes to the destination, are closely monitored by our medical travel agent. By screening each and every flight that is being flown by our patients and medical team our travel agent closely looks for any flight delays, weather issues, or any other interruptions in the flight itinerary. Should an interruption or delay in a flight impact your connecting flight, we will secure seats on the next available flight. This eliminates our nurse and patient having to wait in long lines at the airport to have tickets re-issued or travel re-routed and aims to provide a seamless travel experience.

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