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Medical Escort Services (Medical Repatriation)

Medical Escort ServicesMedical escort (also known as medical repatriation) services are what CME specializes in and we take pride in delivering the best service in the industry. Medical repatriation may be necessary for your patient or family member if they are injured or fall ill and need to return to their home country or state. Many patients may receive surgery in their current location and need to return home, or you may need to go from a hospital to another hospital. CME are leaders in aeromedical transportation medical repatriation and we would enjoy the opportunity to bring your loved one home.

Why may medical repatriation be necessary?

CME has transported patients with a variety of different injuries and medical conditions. Each patient is looked at individually to determine the medical transport needs. Some of the most popular reasons for medical repatriation include:

  • Car accidents/Traumatic Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Pneumonia/Respiratory Issues
  • Altitude sickness
  • Heart Attack/Cardiac Issues
  • Mental Health Issues/ psychiatric
  • Acute illnesses
  • CVA Stroke

Our staff at Commercial Medical Escorts is comprised of the most highly qualified professionals in the medical field. Medical escort services will be provided by nurses, doctors, and paramedics who have a minimum of five years training in emergent and critical care medicine, aptitude, and personal character to adhere to save escort practices.  We require all of our medical repatriation staff  members to have:

  • Valid and clear license as, Paramedic, RN, MD, DO in one of 50 states or U.S. territory.
  • Aero Medical Flight physiology certification.
  • Minimum of ACLS, BLS and PALS certification.

Most of our medical escorts hold multiple other certifications, including but not limited to: Trauma, Advanced Airway Management, and Critical Care Flight Nurse Certifications. Most of our medical escort nurses are crossed trained as both RN and Paramedic, assuring our patients receive the highest level of care in the aeromedical industry. 

Any request can be made by requesting a quote online or calling us. A repatriation specialist will follow up with the request for a medical escort and collect initial contact information which will include the name of the individual who will be escorted, age, family member or parent’s name if needed, brief medical information, date(s) of travel, departure location, arrival destination, phone number, and Doctor’s or facility phone number.

Medical Repatriation Process

After the family, Assistance Company, or case manager accepts the quote to move forward with the repatriation, Commercial Medical Escorts will obtain a medical report from the treating physician or nursing staff at the facility where the patient is. Flights will be confirmed and CME will develop an itinerary. CME will obtain airline medical clearance, arrange hotels for the escort closet to the patient and/or family, and coordinate appropriate ground transportation to/from all airports for bedside to bedside care. CME will provide the client with an all-inclusive itinerary.

CME will determine the type of ground transportation that is needed based on the medical condition of the patient to get to and from the airport. We provide bedside-to-bedside care, and we pride ourselves in providing this service in a way that provides excellent patient care and comfort throughout the transport. Ground transportation can include:

  • Sedan/town car
  • Limo
  • BLS Ambulance
  • Stretcher Van
  • SUV
  • Wheelchair Van

Upon the nurse’s arrival to the patient’s location, a pre-flight assessment will be completed. Pre-flight assessment prepares the patient for their upcoming journey home. It is an opportunity to discuss all medical information as well as all the details regarding the transport.  Pre-flight assessment includes the following:

  • A focused assessment based on the patient’s diagnosis
  • Complete review of the patient’s charts
  • Discuss radiological findings
  • Review plan of care
  • Review of the transport itinerary
  • Answer any questions the family or patient may have

The nurse or doctor may request the following depending on their findings:

  • Additional lab work be completed prior to flight
  • May suggest additional x-rays to determine flight
  • Make any changes to ground transportation if needed

The all-inclusive itinerary outlines everything for the client including where the escort is staying, the flight the escort is arriving on, the transport flight, where the patient is currently location, where the patient is going, and the entire detailed pick up times.
All of our patients are treated with the highest level of medical care and privacy during the transport process. Our patients are expedited through the check-in process, all the way onto the aircraft. The medical escort handles the check-in process for both the patient and the companion; acquiring tickets, checking luggage, wheelchair assistance, and any other needs that may need to be addressed.

With most transports being booked in business or first class, and wheelchair assistance provided, having to wait in lines at the airport are never an issue. For wheelchair travelers who cannot walk, the aisle chair is arranged with the airline for boarding. An aisle chair brings the patient all the way to their seat. The patient will be lifted into the seat and the same will be arranged upon arrival at their destination.

Our air medical transport staff and office support staff has planned ahead to take the stress out of the airline travel process. Commercial Medical Escorts takes great pride in assuring your air medical transport is stress free, we understand that flying on commercial aircraft and navigating airports can be overwhelming, rest assured your medical escort is well traveled, assuring a comfortable and stress free journey home. 

Should a layover be required based on the itinerary, don't worry about not being comfortable. Our medical transport staff will take you to an executive lounge within the airport while you wait for your flight. Most of the services in the lounges include newspapers, magazines, internet access, computer, TV, telephones, fax, copier, flight monitors, and more. A lounge (if available) provides a relaxing ambience, a quiet place to relax, and a comfortable environment for the patient.

All medical personnel carry with them the appropriate patient care paperwork in addition to all medical documentation provided by the facility. Throughout the medical repatriation they are required to document the patient at certain events, bihourly and as needed. Our medical personnel monitor the patient’s response to take off and landing, are aware of any dietary restrictions, and accompany the patient each step of the way. The nurse escort is required to return transport documents to the Chief Nurse Escort for QA (quality assurance) within three days of completion of the patient transport. These are available to each patient upon request. These notes are also shared with the receiving facility upon arrival.

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