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Nurse Travel Companion

Traveling CompanionGoing a vacation or a weekend getaway, but know it is impossible without the assistance of a nurse? Our nurse traveling companions will accompany you on your trip and assist you every step of the way to ensure your trip is comfortable from the beginning to the end. You may not need a nurse 24/7 throughout your vacation, but having a nurse traveling companion nearby to call upon when needed is exactly what this program is for.

The cost of a travel companion can be as little as another member of the family on vacation, so why should you stay at home or leave a family member behind? Nurse traveling companions are experienced flight nurses who are knowledgeable about international travel and have experienced many medical escort assignments around the world. They are each caring and supportive for the entire journey from start to finish during which they will attend to all the traveler’s needs. The traveler and the family can rest assured that the traveler is in safe and caring hands.

Each vacation for every family is different so nurse travel companion’s itineraries will be specific to your needs. If you need assistance with going to your vacation home in Michigan in the summer and to Florida in January, that is something that this program can assist with. If you need a nurse to accompany you on a five day Caribbean cruise, a nurse traveling companion is available.

A nursing traveling companion is a person you can trust to oversee your medical care throughout your entire journey. As an experienced traveler he or she will watch over you and ensure you make the best of your vacation. Our nurses will administer any medications that you may be taking, oversee your diet, warn you of allergies, foresee potential problems that may worsen your physical condition such as too much sun,  climbing too many steps and overexerting oneself.  CME will arrange oxygen for the trip if it is required (Respironics EverGo or Inogen One).  What is the value of keeping you healthy and out of the hospital? For some a nurse traveling companion is the perfect solution.

The nurse traveling companion will be there to assist you every step of the way throughout the trip. If you need to make changes to your travel plans, catch a bus, need a wheel chair, etc. They will make the arrangements or communicate with the travel coordinators in our office to make the changes.

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