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Medical Escort Travel Process

CME’s medical escort travel process is a complete bedside to bedside service. CME’s medical team is comprised of highly qualified registered nurses, doctors, and paramedics that not only provide quality medical care to each patient, but they go above and beyond to ensure that the flight process is smooth and comfortable for both the patient and companion.

The medical escort travel process is outlined below so that you can become familiar with how we transfer our patients and the attention to detail that is involved with every medical escort.

Before The Flight Process Begins

  • The nurse or physician escort that will accompany the patient throughout the transfer or the Chief Flight Nurse will call the facility to get a full detailed medical report
  • If there is a traveling companion, we will arrange for our medical escort to stay in the same hotel as the companion to help with their travel needs as well as comfort. If there is no companion, the medical escort will stay as close to the hospital as possible.
  • Our in-house travel agent will book all the airline tickets for the medical escort, the patient and any companion members traveling
  • Ground transportation from the patient’s location to the airport and from the airport to the destination is arranged and the vehicle is based on the patient’s medical condition and/or needs at the time (Limo, Ambulance, Town Car, Wheelchair Van, SUV, Stretcher Van, etc.)
  • For those countries that require a visa, we will work efficiently and promptly to acquire a same-day visa, unless one of our medical escort’s currently holds a visa for that country (Brazil, China, India, Russia, etc.)
  • We will arrange medical clearance with the airline so that flight process goes smoothly for the patient and nurse when checking in at the airport and so that all airline personnel are aware of the special needs
  • We will arrange approval for our Inogen One  or Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator on the airline of travel
  • Wheelchair assistance throughout the airport and when boarding the aircraft is arranged with the airline (even at layovers), should the patient need to use wheelchair onboard the aircraft to get to washroom, depending on aircraft type we will arrange for the airline to have onboard wheelchair available. 

During the Flight Process

  • Upon arrival into city of origin, the medical escort will go to the patient’ s residence or facility to complete the pre-flight assessment and determine if any changes need to be made
  • The client and/or family members are updated throughout the flight process including arrival at the city of origin, after pre-flight assessment, when in route to the airport, arrival and departure at each layover, and upon a successful delivery to the destination
  • The medical escort will secure early boarding for the patient and companion to provide maximum comfort throughout travel and ensure they are first on the aircraft
  • If there is a domestic layover longer than 3 hours and there is a lounge available in the airport, the medical escort will make arrangements to go to the lounge during the layover to ensure the medical escort travel process is comfortable for the patient. All international flights allow for access to the VIP lounges.
  • Our medical escort will provide high quality medical care, including the administering of medications, and assistance with meals, assistance with the bathroom, and other care issues.
  • The medical escort will monitor the patient for any changes during flight and take the appropriate action if required
  • Upon arrival at the destination, wheel chair or stretcher service will be provided and the escort will assist the patient and companion in acquiring their luggage from baggage claim
  • The medical escort will ensure the patient is safely delivered to their destination whether it be a residence or a facility
  • If home oxygen has been arranged, the escort will ensure the patient knows how to use and operate the equipment as well as a companion (if available)
  • Our medical crew is with the patient each step of the way during the flight process

Completion of the Flight Process

  • The escort will provide a full medical report to the receiving physician or nursing station at the facility where the patient is delivered
  • Within 72 hours, the nurse’s notes will be completed and sent to the CME office. All nursing notes will be sent to the client with the invoice and are available upon request by the patient
  • After the patient is safely delivered home, we invite you to complete an evaluation online to share your experiences and feedback.

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